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DVD’s – Al Stine | Watercolor & Oil Painter | Original Playboy Cartoon Artist

All DVD’s are $24.95. Free shipping in USA.

Call Al Stine at (864)226-7035.

Painting a Barn
In this one hour video I show one way I paint a barn,  and how I use the Crusiform to establish the design of the painting.

Painting a Coastal Scene
In this video I show how to paint an old knurled pine tree with the pine boughs along with the sand dune and ocean. 1 hour

Color Basics
In this one hour video I show how I paint with three colors. I also discuss other color schemes such as analogous, split compliment, complementary.

Drawing Basics
This video will show how I start the drawing for a painting using the contour method, and developing that into a more rhythmic drawing, I also cover tips on perspective.

Painting a Shrimp Boat
The video runs 90 minutes and shows every stroke of the brush on this painting.

Painting a Spanish Church
This is a one hour video and it shows how to intermingle colors to achieve the richness of the subject.

Painting the Head
Painting the head video runs one hour. The video shows what colors I use to paint the head and how to apply them.

Painting a Rock and River Scene
In this one hour tape I show how to paint rocks and water, showing the colors I use and how to get the textures needed to paint them.